Some Techie Bits 

Anti Spoofing

Multiple neural networks check a comprehensive set of parameters against a live selfie video to ensure a person is live and not a print, digital image, video replay or mask.


Protects user privacy while meeting regulatory requirements in every geography.


Udentify uses NFC to read the ID documents biometric chip delivering a spoof proofed solution to the highest degree.  In addtion NFC is also used as a virtual key once the true identity is confirmed therefore opening hotel doors, car rentals and so much more.

Identity Encryption

Stores only a mathematical vector of the user’s face, and compares it against your face on your biometric chip located on your ID.

AI Facial Recognition

Protects against digital fraud by comparing an individual’s face from the device camera to an official ID and verifies a match in less than 1 second.

Passive Liveness Check

Today, most of the facial liveness technologies are “active”, asking users to blink, turn their heads or move their phone back and forth or flash colours in their face, resulting in four issues: 

First, fraudsters can present a photo cut out with eye holes, use a mask or show a video to trick the system. Secondly, alerting fraudsters they are being checked, although this is good in principle, Undentify favours capturing the fraudsters image to deter them from other channels. Thirdly, active methods create friction that slows the authentication process, increases abandon rates, and diminishes the overall user experience. And lastly, the colour flashing approach does not perform well in bright conditions and increases the overall authentication process.

Udentify passive liveness detection is iBeta Quality Assurance’s Presentation Attack Detection (PAD) tested in conducted in accordance with ISO/IEC 30107-3


Udentify ensures you don’t have to sacrifice usability for security.

Optical Character Recognition

Flexible in form, Udentify may be optional configured to capture the document ID using OCR.


Udentify aids with proving a true identity within GDPR, CCPA, LGDP data protection requests.  In addition PSD2 SCA authentication, KYC & AML + AML / CFT checks and FAFT cypto currency identity requirements. Udentify is also Orchestration ready to drive your centralised fraud and identity requirements .

Identity Proofing & Authentication,

Anytime, Anywhere at Speed



PAD L1 & L2

Know the Real identity of your 

Customer, User, Employee, Business Partners, Patient, Student, Player or Gamer in seconds

Your new

Authentication Standard

The elegance of Udentify is the [ customer, employee, user, patient, ... ] verifies their identity once during the registration stage.


Therafter can authenticate via a simple selfie using AI facial recognition and passive liveness detection in under one second.  Udentity also supports 1:N authentication, enabling the client to authenticate from multiple devices with a camera. 

How Udentify Works 

Udentify proves a person is who they say they are using a government or authority signed identity document and your NFC enabled smartphone. The Digital identity proofing process is spoof proof and highly accurate in all environmental conditions and fast.


Udentify operates an  identity proofed once ,  and  authenticate many , so your [ customer, user,  patient, ... ] can prove their identity once, then authenticate for a service or space as many times as they wish at ease up to the validity of their identity document.


Frictionless, Friendly, Fast, Flexible & Fortified Registration

 ID + Selfie  Identity proofing


 Passwordless  Authentication

in under a second 

Step 3

AI Facial Recognition

& Passive Liveness Detection

Is this the right person ?

Verify a customer’s face using advanced AI facial recognition by comparing their live face from the image captured from their biometric chip via the previous step. Udentify is designed to operate in the most challenging light conditions and detect a customer even if their ID document is decades old.

And is this a real person?

At the same time as the facial recognition, Udentify conducts the world first passive liveness detection, proving the person is not a spoof, our single image approach requires absolutely no user participation and is iBeta/NIST Level 1 and Level 2 PAD Compliant.

All, in well under a second.

Step 2

Identity proofing

Something only you have
Passports and ID cards have a contactless microchip containing biometric information that is protected against cloning or modification known as active and passive authentication. This information is signed digitally by the issuing country / authority, making it very expensive and near impossible to forge.


Udentify provides the complex cryptography required to validate the authenticity of the users' information on the microchip, Udentify guides you in placing your mobile phone on top of the microchip thus providing a simple, efficient and anti-spoofing mechanism to validate your identity.

Step 1

Capture Your ID

Something only you have
Using your biometric passport, national ID card or driving license, Udentify assists you in optically scanning or entering your document ID, such as the passport Machine Readable Zone . 
This information enables access to the biometric chip within step 2.

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Why Udentify 

Identity proofing & Authentication in one place

Whether it's onboarding for new services or authentication to access an existing service or space, we let the good guys through with 99.9% accuracy at speed with minimum friction.  

Fit for

any business

Financial services                           


Travel and borders                         

Gaming and gambling


Government and police

Sharing economy                            

Higher education



Live streaming

Seamless integration

Using light, flexible, powerful SDKs and plugins to integrate into your systems, in a few weeks.

Option 1:    Udentify App

Integrate in just a few hours via Udentify App that operates on either iOS or Android and protects against man in the middle attacks.

Option 2:   Udentify SDK

Real identity 

via NFC & AI 

Beat the fraudsters with the strongest identiy proofing & authentication possible via ID + NFC + Selfie

Or in other words ( Spoof-proof Government issued ID Document ) + ( Validating data in ID document chip is authentic using complex cryptography ) + ( Advanced AI / Deep learning and Liveness detection to determine the person is alive and the same as the ID document ) all in 13 seconds.

Bye-Bye fraudsters & hello good happy customers 

No photos, videos, masks or bad IDs permitted, only the real you

Our Identity proofing & authentication is Level 1 & 2 PAD certified.  PAD is Presentation Attack Detection testing, conducted in accordance with ISO/IEC 30107-3. 

  Level 1   is the ability to detect 2D paper photos (flat and bent), digital photos, paper masks (flat and bent) with eye and mouth holes cut out and worn by a real human. 

  Level 2   is the ability to detect 3D lifelike dolls, mannequin heads and realistic masks that can be purchased for under $300 and worn by a real human and deep fake videos exhibiting blinking or 3D motion.

Frictionless Onboarding

Onboarding your new customers quickly and efficiently is just as crucial as ensuring dishonest or prohibited people are prevented from advancing.  

You need the assurance that a customer is who they say they are, while improving your completion rates, and the real customer needs a frictionless and fast service.


Udentify AI-Powered facial recognition and liveness detection intelligently match your live customer to their valid ID documents in seconds. Via a frictionless and natural user experience for the customer and an improved completion rate for your business.

How Udentify helps you...

Effortless Age Verification 

A pop-up or tick box asking the website visitor if they are over 18 does not prove their age. Regulations surrounding age-restricted commerce such as gambling, online gaming, dating, e-cigarettes, tobacco, alcohol and so on, are complex and continually changing.


Udentify proves their real age under 13 seconds on average on the first use by extracting and validating their date of birth from the chip on their government-issued ID document using NFC when creating an account or making an online purchase.  

Returning users are recognised in a few seconds using facial recognition and liveness detection, ensuring this is the original account owner.  Simple, secure and effortless. 

eKYC & AML Compliance

In 2020 regulators issued more than $10 billion in Anti-Money Laundering (AML) fines to financial institutions, up 26% from 2019.


As the global AML requirements tighten, it's imperative to prove someone is who they say they are at the start and during the customer relationship.


Udentify delivers Know Your Customer (KYC) and Customer Due Diligence (CDD) identity verification as easy as 1-2-3, with a quick scan of their ID document chip, selfie using advanced AI facial recognition certified liveness detection. 

And for your business, you have the comfort you comply in real-time, knowing the person is always who they say they are, all audited and ready if and when you need.

Your Digital Key

Unlock NFC enabled hotel doors, homes, vacation rentals, cars and much more

Replace the outdated, risky, unreliable and sometimes frustrating knowledge-based authentication (KBA), SMS-based two-factor authentication (2FA), with something we are all familiar with, facial recognition. 

Or, Go-passwordless for single sign-on, multi-factor authentication using facial recognition, liveness detection with additional risk factors such as location, device, and much more.


Also, authenticate with just a glance to access NFC enabled doors, such as hotel doors, homes, vacation rentals, cars & much more.

And when we need to prove who you say you are for large money transactions under PSD2 - SCA (Stronger Customer Authentication), Undentify is ready to proof you you say you are in under a second.

Udentify also supports one-to-many (1:N) biometric authentication by looking up the presented person against pre-enrolled templates.

Versatile Authentication

Preventing fraud

Identity proofing, facial recognition and liveness detection provide an additional layer of fraud prevention during account creation and authentication processes.


Fundamentally fraudsters don’t want their real face captured by the company they’re attempting to defraud.


Biometric voting registration

Self Check-in

Authentication to check-in for a flight or hotel

Update Credentials

Resetting and updating user credentials


Verify a student taking the exam is the right person


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